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Clear, concise, and compelling editing services

Monique Martin (author of the Out of Time series and the Blaze series)


Andra is wonderful to work with. She's polite, professional, and prompt. She also has a great eye for catching those pesky typos and other mistakes that those naughty gremlins insert into our otherwise pristine work. As a bonus, she often offers detailed explanations about her notes. I don't just get a corrected manuscript, but I learn things along the way. Can't recommend her highly enough.

Cherie Claire (award-winning author of multiple historical romance novels and multiple paranormal mystery novels)


Writing novels utilizes one part of the brain and editing the other, so it’s vital to have someone experienced to look over an author’s work, to catch errors, to fix typos, to smooth out the rough spots and help develop storylines. Freelance writer and editor Andra Paitz is one of those people, a godsend to writers who most often gloss over mistakes over no fault of their own other than using that creative side of their brain. I’ve spent years editing newspapers and felt capable of editing my own work but still missed so many mistakes. Andra came to the rescue, spotting those elusive misspellings and misuse of words. I’m eternally grateful for Andra and her excellent editing skills.


Stacy Bender (author of the Sav'ine series)


"When Andra Paitz agreed to edit Emerald Tears, I was amazed at what she found. I had run the manuscript by several beta readers, an editing program, and an audio program. So I wasn’t expecting much. Not only did she find more spelling and punctuation errors, but a few plot holes. I’m glad she also had a few suggestions on how to fix them...


[Andra's editing concerns]

The first, was that one of my main characters might turn off a few readers before they got to the ‘why’ of the way he acted.

The second, was a few small historical references that were a year or two outside my chosen timeline.

The third, was the urban myth of killing a person by shattering their nose and sending splinters into the brain.


That’s just what I remember off the top of my head. Good editors like Andra Paitz are hard to find."

Reid Minnich (author of the The Koinobi Trilogy)


"I thought I didn’t need an editor. I'm pretty good at punctuation and spelling, and I thought several beta readers and a grammar check program would suffice. If that is all you think you need, then you are where I was at before I met Andra. She wasn’t selling me on her services, just chit-chatting about our books at a writer’s group social. Her insights into plot and character development singled her out as someone who was accomplished at writing. I was looking for beta readers at the time and Andra volunteered.


To be clear, I have had many beta readers. Some of them are Grammar Nazis, and some of them are good with plot and character development. Andra's low-effort beta of my book pointed out miscues, ambiguous statements, character contradictions, and plot holes that dozens of beta readers had missed. Then Andra suggested she could do a real edit. The end result was a highly polished story that was more enjoyable for Grammar Nazis and pleasure readers alike."



Sam Howard (author of Angel's Kiss, a work in progress)


"Finding reliable beta readers is daunting, but finding a beta reader as comprehensive and helpful as Andra is rare. Andra was a godsend. As a new novelist, I benefited immensely from her experience and expertise in improving my manuscript and my craft in general. Timely, yet thorough, she offered an abundance of insightful feedback regarding content with emphasis on plot and character development, pacing, and forming that ever-so-important connection with my readers (and managed to do so with good humor). I will definitely seek her out in the future and enthusiastically recommend her services to any writer looking for an honest critique of their work."



Elaine Leung-Wolf  (author of At Stage 4’s Door, a work in progress)


"Andra’s feedback was insightful, clear, and informative. As a first-time author and memoirist, her ability to explain the reasons behind her suggestions in concrete ways has helped me to improve the quality of my writing. I feel that she gets right into the crux of the issue whether it is content, sentence structure, or word choice.  Andra was also generous with her time, giving me an overview of her editorial process.


As a conservatory-level instructor of piano, I appreciate both the detail and the depth to which Andra feels the pacing and structure of what we worked on; there are many similarities to a musical composition. I am very much looking forward to working with Andra as I complete my first draft."


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