My Rates

See below for descriptions of services

Manuscript evaluation: $0.01 per word ($10/1,000 words)

Developmental editing: $0.021 – $0.03 per word ($21 - $30/1,000 words)

Line editing: $0.014 – $0.02 per word ($14 - $20/1,000 words)

Copyediting "Proofreading": $0.013 per word ($13/1,000 words)

If your word count is below forty thousand, I charge $25 an hour. Please know that even if your piece is very short (i.e., flash fiction, sudden fiction, or comic books), I have a minimum charge of one hour.

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Based on the writer’s preference, I can edit either a softcopy or hardcopy. However, all documents should have the following format:

•Double spaced lines

•12-point font size

•Times New Roman, Courier, or Arial fonts

•Default margins

•Standard new paragraph indentation

•Page numbers provided

•Files in .doc, .docx, or .rtf format

Please note that there is a small reformatting fee ($0.5/pg) for submissions which do not adhere to these guidelines. 

Explanation of Services

(You can read authors' feedback about my work by clicking on the Testimonials tab above.)

Everyone seems to have a unique idea of what editing services entail, so let me clarify how I work.

(These services are listed in the order that they shouldin a perfect worldbe done.)

Manuscript evaluation:

This is similar to beta reading, but it's professional, objective, timely, and includes extensive feedback . . . which means it's nothing like the beta reading most of you have experienced. I will be going through your work at my reading-for-pleasure speed not my glacially slow editing speed. This means a fast and fun read for me and general feedback for you. This level of review involves big-picture concerns or questions: suspension of disbelief, plot cohesion, character continuity, and pacing. I will also give you a sense of the smaller issues that I found so that you can make an informed decision about the best level of editing for your book. (If you decide to pursue editing with me, I will deduct 10% of the manuscript evaluation fee from the editing fee.)   

Developmental editing:

This involves detailed story feedback (and some composed suggestions) regarding some or all of the following issues: noting suspension of disbelief, adjusting your language to suit your audience, promoting a vibrant plotline and exploring plot holes, analyzing a character's motivation and development, encouraging authentic dialogue and interactions, managing pacing and tension, and exploring theme and symbolism.

Line editing:

This involves polishing your writing to make your prose as accessible as possible. At the sentence level, I will provide suggestions to ensure clarity, plain language, and natural dialogue. However, I will also check for consistency, smooth sentences, precise vocabulary, appropriate momentum, and easy transitions.

Copyediting vs. "Proofreading" (colloquial usage and industry usage):

You should only pursue this level of editing if you have already had your work professionally edited. Copyediting only checks micro issues like spelling, grammar, punctuation, usage, and style. 

Many authors use the term "proofreading" when they want a light edit, which people in publishing call a copyedit. However, as far as the industry is concerned, proofreading has a very specific definition. It is a quality control measure that traditional publishers use as the final step after the other editing phases have been completed. Typically, a proofreader confirms that the content is accurate and matches the proofs (which are preliminary galleys) before a book goes into mass production. Since I do not have access to a publisher's proofs, I do not provide this service.

Please note that i do not work on ai generated stories. Similarly, I will not work on plagarized material. if you did not write it, i will not edit it.

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