My Story

3C Scribe

Clear, concise, and compelling writing and editing

by Andra Paitz

Who started it?

I blame my eighth grade English teacher, Ms. Gardner. When she read an essay of mine in front of the class, I realized I was good at something many people struggle with. Before that experience, I was like most insecure kids. I thought if I was good at something, it must not be very hard. Ms. Gardner showed me the value and beauty of communication, and I will be forever grateful for that gift. (The novel I'm writing, Scarce Abundance, is dedicated to her.)


Why I do not charge by the hour:

The short answer is you could not afford me. The long answer is when someone charges by the hour, clients tend to judge their skill level based on how quickly they work as opposed to the quality of the services they provide.


Rushing through any job produces mistakes. It's not a judgment; it's just human nature. One of the many benefits of being my own boss is that I do not have a supervisor pressuring me to quickly submit something that doesn't live up to my standards. If you want someone who will take the time to become invested in your project, contact me.

Here's your reward for scrolling all the way to the bottom: a silly picture of me in a red nose.