3C Scribe

Clear, concise, and compelling writing and editing

by Andra Paitz

Introductory prices

See below for descriptions of services

Writing consultation: $0.001 per word ($1/1,000 words)


Structural editing: $0.008 – $0.02 per word ($8-$20/1,000 words)


Content editing: $0.02 – $0.03 per word ($20-$30/1,000 words)


Developmental editing: $0.03 – $0.04 per word ($30-$40/1,000 words)

Based on the writer’s preference, I can edit in either softcopy or hardcopy. However all documents should have the following format:

•Double spaced lines

•12-point font size

•Times New Roman, Courier, or Arial fonts

•Default margins

•Standard new paragraph indentation

•Page numbers provided

•Files in .doc, .docx, or .rtf format


Please note that there is small reformatting fee ($0.10/pg) for submissions which do not adhere to these guidelines.


Explanation of services

Writing consultation:

It's similar to beta reading, but it's professional, objective, timely, and includes extensive feedback... which means it's nothing like the beta reading most of you are used to. I will be going through your work like a regular reader not an editor. This means a fast and fun read for me and general feedback for you. For example, I'll give you constructive criticism about your piece's overall story, characters, pacing, and suspension of disbelief. (Although I will not be actively looking for spelling and grammar errors, I will point them out if I see them.) It's also an excellent way for us to be on the same page about the level of editing your work may need. If you decide to pursue editing with me, I will deduct the money you spend here from the editing fee.



Everyone seems to have a unique idea of what editing services entail, so let me clarify how I edit.

(All of my edits are made in track changes, so you can either accept or reject each suggestion.)


Structural editing:

This is about following the rules, so there is very little opinion involved. I check for grammar, punctuation, spelling, consistency, and word usage. If writing is like building a house, this would be like making sure the floors are level and walls are plumb. (Some people call this proof reading.)


Content editing:

This is about the craft of writing, so you will get more detailed feedback from me. Here we are moving beyond the basics toward a more polished piece. In addition to structure, I will also edit for precise vocabulary, appropriate momentum, message clarity, unique style, and a smooth flow. In our building analogy, this would be like bringing in the specialists (e.g., the carpenter, the electrician, the plumber, and the painter).


Developmental editing:

This is about the art of language, which may involve extensive feedback and revision. In addition to everything that I do in the previous levels, I also give detailed notes on anything that could benefit from some modification. This can be, but is not limited to: adjusting your language to suit your audience, exploring theme and symbolism, promoting a plausible premise and plotline, analyzing characters’ motivation and development, encouraging believable dialogue and interactions, managing pacing and tension--and most importantly--supporting the integrity of the author’s voice. This is what distinguishes professional writing from amateur writing. As far as our comparison goes, this is how your building becomes a home.



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